Sunday, July 26, 2009

first visit

Oh, rainy day!

Off we went this soggy afternooon for our very first Po visit. Excited and eager, and armed with classic rock tunage and salty snacks, we ventured off into the great wide open - Mount Forest, here we come....


We were amazed by the corridor of giant turbines slowly spinning in the fields...

After about two hours and change of admiring the gorgeously green fields and frisky looking sheep (not to mention enviously considering giving up our current itty bitty downtown digs for a sprawling spread in the country - complete with a pond, with a slide! - oh, wouldn't that be sweet?), we finally reached Carol's home.

What a warm welcome! Carol clearly loves her Frenchies, and we were thrilled to finally meet the whole extended (mostly furry) family.

Introductions all around, and then off to the serious business of puppy, puppy, puppy!

Po, lap puppy

Po, aka "Mr. Monster Pants"

The pups were a little snoozy from afternoon play time...all except our new little terror monkey, Po. Go figure. Carol mentioned that he had two speeds: full tilt and stop. I slid a sideways glance at D - those of you that know him will see that Po is already taking after him! Oh, I can barely wait for the chaos to begin....

head scritches

Head scritches.

Oh, but he is a handsome boy! (I'm biased, for sure, but just look at those awesome markings...)
We watched Po play for a bit, in which he only managed to stomp all over his sleeping siblings a few times before promptly passing out on the blankets.

Po's sister Vela

Po's sister Vela, was, unlike her jocky blockhead bro, very sweet and sleepy.

As Po dozed off, we chatted about the monkey for a bit - apparently his ears turn pink when he gets grumpy or sleepy - and talked about feeding raw. We're definitely going to go with that option, since we've got great access to the right equipment and ingredients. I'm pretty sure that little Po is going to eat better than us! (Or at least, I hope we start eating better to keep up with him...that would be a great and unexpected bonus.)

It looks like we may be able to bring the little guy back home with us mid-August. Hooray!

hi there!

Little Po. Seven weeks old, and counting...

Oh Po, we can't wait to see you again real soon!