Sunday, November 29, 2009

yawn study #1

One of the benefits of working like a maniac for the last few weeks is that I was finally able to buy my very first "grown-up" camera. (Not that I don't love my little pocket point and shoot - we've been good buddies for quite awhile. But oh, the wicked call of the dslr...I couldn't resist!)

So while I figure out all the new buttons and doodads, I'm tickled to present The Po hard at work in his finest moments. The little dude yawns like no other!






Harrumph...and we're done!

sorry for the pause...

Eek, it's been too long!

We've been missing in action - life and work literally had me running around like a crazy person, but we're back, hooray.


(oh, paws, I'm so silly, I know...)

More Mr. Po updates to follow very shortly!