Sunday, November 29, 2009

yawn study #1

One of the benefits of working like a maniac for the last few weeks is that I was finally able to buy my very first "grown-up" camera. (Not that I don't love my little pocket point and shoot - we've been good buddies for quite awhile. But oh, the wicked call of the dslr...I couldn't resist!)

So while I figure out all the new buttons and doodads, I'm tickled to present The Po hard at work in his finest moments. The little dude yawns like no other!






Harrumph...and we're done!


  1. Hurrah! You would not BELIEVE how many people have emailed me to plaintively ask "why no Po blog postings?". Honestly, the little man is quite the mini celebrity, isn't he?

    I see his big fat noggin is filling out - he's on that cusp between puppyhood and adulthood, all big feet and silliness.

    Send him kisses from all of us!

  2. Thanks Carol!

    I missed posting about Po bear - even amidst the crazy hours I've been pulling lately I'd think, "Ok, if I just stay up for another bit I'd get some pictures up...", promptly before falling asleep upright on the couch, of course! But we're happy to be back, and it's nice to hear that the blockhead has been missed.

    He's definitely getting big these days - we had to buy him a new collar this weekend to fit his thick bully neck!

    Kisses and a big hello to the gang. xo, f :)