Wednesday, September 30, 2009

wash & dry

Oh, that perfect puppy smell! It's something I just can't enough of...almost.


With the cottage trip and a few romps in the park under his collar, Mr. P was starting to get a little, ripe, shall we say...


Time for a scrub-a-dub for the little dude. Love the Mane 'n Tail - I feel like this bottle has been around forever!


Good thing he's still small enough to fit in the kitchen sink. We are definitely not amused, says Po! (Although he seemed to enjoy the warm belly scrub part at least.)


While we were at it, we did a good ear clean too (wow, do those bat ears ever get gunky...guess that's what you get for having those good-looking sails attached to the noggin!)


...the fluffy towel awaits.


And then a nice warm lap to snuggle in. Not a bad afternoon, that!


Fuzzy and clean. The best of the puppy smells....

Friday, September 11, 2009

gone fishin'

We spent the last long weekend of the summer at a friend's cottage. The weather was amazing, the company even better; add a goofy puppy to the mix and I think we may have had the perfect little getaway...

While we took in the view,

seeing all the little lovely things around us,

Po was busy snorting and snuffling around like a primo truffle pig in training.

Jackpot! Bacon on the griddle...must beg and look really cute!

He was a natural at the whole "lounging" thing...

We had our so-bad-they're-good trashy magazines to flip through - Po was more than happy to gnaw away...

First boat ride! (He fell asleep, good boy.)

We met this handsome fella patiently fishing for guppies. He did manage to catch two or three.

Back at the ranch, Mr. Grumpy Pants wants to know when dinner time is...

...I smell barbeque in the air!

A rare sighting of the Wild French Cottage Bulldog.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

oh, the places you'll go...


First streetcar ride - success!

Looks like Po's quite the happy commuter.

(And a very good, if slightly oblivious, brave boy. We took him to the vet yesterday to get his second round of booster shots, and the silly guy didn't even notice when his butt got poked with the needle. Nice one!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

once a thief

He's a quick one, that's for sure!

Mmm, I love the smell of Vans in the morning...


Caught in the act!


(At least we know he's an equal opportunity shoe monster.)


Oh, but it's such hard work sneaking off with the goods, lucky there's always time for a quick nap. (I love the little pokey tongue. And the snoring, oh, the snoring...)