Wednesday, September 30, 2009

wash & dry

Oh, that perfect puppy smell! It's something I just can't enough of...almost.


With the cottage trip and a few romps in the park under his collar, Mr. P was starting to get a little, ripe, shall we say...


Time for a scrub-a-dub for the little dude. Love the Mane 'n Tail - I feel like this bottle has been around forever!


Good thing he's still small enough to fit in the kitchen sink. We are definitely not amused, says Po! (Although he seemed to enjoy the warm belly scrub part at least.)


While we were at it, we did a good ear clean too (wow, do those bat ears ever get gunky...guess that's what you get for having those good-looking sails attached to the noggin!)


...the fluffy towel awaits.


And then a nice warm lap to snuggle in. Not a bad afternoon, that!


Fuzzy and clean. The best of the puppy smells....


  1. Hey! Clean Po. May we ask- how do you clean those huge ears? We go as far as we can with tissues but fear that we are missing bits. Advice, please. Following your lead our girl is on raw and she just loves it
    All love from Essex UK

  2. Too cute!!

  3. Hi Peter!

    Wonderful to hear about the raw news...we're finding that it's totally worth the extra time (and mess!), and so happy to hear your girl is enjoying it too.
    About the big ol' bat ears, we usually tag team our guy - while one of us holds Po still, the other will use baby wipes (we've found one that's for sensitive skin ie, no fragrance, no alcohol) to swap the outside part, and if necessary, use Q-tips for the gunk stuck in the folds. Glamourous, no? :) But to see those big clean fuzzy ears just has to bring a smile to your face...

    Hi Marleen, thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hello, chaps- all OK with you? We miss our fix of Po and hope that you are well
    Love from wet England