Wednesday, September 2, 2009

once a thief

He's a quick one, that's for sure!

Mmm, I love the smell of Vans in the morning...


Caught in the act!


(At least we know he's an equal opportunity shoe monster.)


Oh, but it's such hard work sneaking off with the goods, lucky there's always time for a quick nap. (I love the little pokey tongue. And the snoring, oh, the snoring...)


  1. Oh, how we love Po!
    Our girl, Kit, snores louder now than when she was first rescued. We started by letting her sleep in her cage, then she crept in and snuck under the duvet. Now, on the principle that we have no idea how old she is, how long we have her with us, we make the most of every moment and wake up to a tiny head on the centre pillow, arcing between the two of us, always having to touch us both. Do envy you the joy of having Po from youth- and we avidly check the blog. Please, keep cooking but keep posting too, please!All love from Essex UK

  2. Kisses on his little thieving nose...and love the pokey pink tongue. His brother Peanut Butter goes home this weekend, and I am quite honestly bereft. He's not the knuckle head Po is, but he's his own little man.

  3. Greetings, Pete, Chris and Kit! Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello...what a treat! Kit sounds like such a sweetheart. :) We're still undecided if we should let Po in the bed, he's super cuddly when he's sleepy, but we're imagining how crazy things might get when he's got his bossy boss on. Still, the tiny head on the pillow sounds so nice!

    Hi Carol! A big hello to Mr. PB...I'm sure Bunny will be happy to know that her boys (and girl, how is Vela, by the way?) are having lots of wonderful exciting adventures. We'll keep posting lots of pictures and stories to let you and the rest of the fam updated on Sir Crazy Pants!

  4. Have to own up- we have a big bed, 6ft across, and you need it with a Frenchie. "Zut alors! J'ai froid" and a tongue wiggles into your ear to say let go the duvet and allow me in.
    Within twenty mins she's huffing and puffing and back up to the top again. Does Po get sweaty and become mushroomy? That sort of pheromone which is probably the active ingredient in truffles?
    We have double mattress protectors to keep that odour at bay! But, sometimes alone, nothing beats reaching over and curling your hand across that bony rib cage and feeling that heartbeat.