Thursday, August 27, 2009

couch potato

A little goofy playtime on the couch. Yeah, at first we waffled on whether our poor, beat up, lumpy stuffed potato of a couch could handle Hurricane Po, but we're suckers for a cute mug!

"Hmm, I wonder if they serve snacks in these seats?"

"Oh, hi, you must be part of the belly rubbing team, yes?"

"A little to the left..."

"Aw, geez, watch the hair!"

"Ok, so a quick snooze, then I'm up and at 'em again!"


  1. greetings from a fellow frenchie owner in toronto! we got our mooi from carol and barb's vet in michigan, so we've decided he's a cousin to their puppies:) po is adorable! hope to meet him at one of the Tdot frenchie meetups (are you on the message board yet?)Kasia

  2. Hi Kasia and Mooi! Thanks so much...we're all looking forward to going to a meetup in the next little bit, just waiting for the monkey to get his other shots first. (I joined the group a bit ago, still have yet to check out all the fun stuff on the site.) Hope to see you guys out and about! :)