Saturday, August 15, 2009

road trip

A big, big day today. Homecoming! I would be lying if I told you that this last week hadn't consisted of daily (hourly, even; another reason I'm so lucky D likes me) cheerful exclamations of "Po!", "Two more sleeps!", "Puppypuppypuppy!", then "One more sleep!", in rotation, like some deranged looping children's show.

On the plus side, in between my silly episodes, we actually managed to do some useful puppy prepping, aka Acting Like Grown-Ups, around the house in the last few days. We finally did the Official Ikea Trip for bookshelves and storage units after realizing that yes, we really did have a crazy number of shoes (him) and half-read books and magazines (me) for two people. That scary black hole/bird's nest of computer, cable, ipod and stereo wires threatening to take over our living room? Tidied! Strangely satisfying, that. Oh, and hooks...that we actually put up! That hold things we use and need everyday, like towels, and keys! Whoah!

Even our fridge, now so fresh and so clean, clean. And all the better, since we then spent a bit of time assembling and storing Po's food. More on that in a bit...

...because that all of that led up to today's big event. This afternoon, we headed on up to Carol's to meet up with the munchkin (and his remaining extended family - some of the crew had already left for their new homes).

We were met by a whole posse of friendly Frenchies. So adorably distracting; um, which one was ours again? (I kid, I kid.)

the crowd gathers...

like a flash mob, they slowly began to gather...

puppy posse

puppies everywhere!

shoes make good snacks!

shoes make good snacks

investigating the camera...

is this thing on?

Then on to the official stuff. Paperwork, medical info, feeding schedule, a tub of Po's current food, plus a disc packed with pictures of Po and his family (that includes, Bunny the mom, plus siblings, Jacques, Hugo, Vela and PB, now Peanut Butter, I think?), all put together by the ever awesome Carol. Thanks Carol!

Then goodbyes, and time for Po to go on his first ever road trip!

road trip!

(This was taken about five minutes before we experienced the stereophonic sounds of "Frenchie puppy yodel". I had no idea that dogs could holler like that!)

Ah, but the little guy was a champ. After about twenty minutes, he started to chill out and made it look like he might actually enjoy his first major car ride. Almost.

Arriving home, Po calmly surveyed his new digs before chowing down on dinner and a making a visit outside. Then onto a well-deserved nap. He's quite the cool customer so far! (I'll admit I'm a little suspicious, but secretly relieved. For now.)

cutie pie, or troublemaker?

At playtime. That mug!

out cold

then, out cold

flat dog

flat dog

freckles and spots

freckles and spots

the end

I couldn't resist....the end. For today.

Welcome to your new home, Po!


  1. That photo of him lying flat out is the most adorable thing ever. Thanks so much for letting me know he made it home and is settled in. We miss the little monster already*!

    Carol and the Pups

    * his remaining brothers, on the other hand, say "yay, more food for us!"

  2. Okay these pictures are downright ADORABLE!!!!!!

    Given that we are still some ways away from being anywhere near stable enough to get a pup of our own (sigh), I will be living vicariously through you and Po!!

    More photos more photos!!!

    And again, these pics are sooooo cute. OMG.

  3. i love watching his journey to a new home with such obviously great parents...