Tuesday, December 22, 2009

blue steel? not so much...

Well, it's official.

Po may be a puppy of many faces - a crazy Monster Pants, a sleepy Potato Head, master of the Stink Butt - but Supermodel/Clothes Horse definitely ain't his bag, baby. (Even if he is very, very good looking. And definitely an ambi-turner! On speed.)

With it being pretty nippy out these days, I thought I'd be the hipster "parent" and pick up some swanky new threads for Mr. Pants. After much hemming and hawing I finally found a sweet, respectable little Paddington Bear-esque capelet. And brought it home, much to the dismay of happy naked Po...

"Lady, this is so not my colour..."

Maybe he just needs to get used to it?

Almost resigned. Almost.

Can you feel the love?

Hmm, perhaps I'll have to return the puppy Uggs...
(I kid, I kid!)

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