Monday, March 15, 2010

oh, nuts.

Our normally happy-go-lucky little dude had quite the big week recently. It only seems like yesterday that he was a teeny bundle of frenzied floppy ears and fuzziness. Oh, how the little monster has grown. And started humping every thing/person/freestanding object in sight!

We tried about a month ago to book an appointment for The Snip, only to find out that he had some funny liver levels at the time. A few blood tests later, he's all good (but we now supplement his meals with the suggested Rx Vitamins for liver support) time to go back to the vet.


(This picture cracks me up. Oh, the boys and their tv shows.)
Enjoying some last minute air time before the big day...

To be honest, I'm pretty sure I was more nervous than Po. He, the little lunkhead, was more than happy to charm and wheedle his way around the vet's office, and seemed thrilled that there were a whole new group of ladies to pat his head and scritch behind his ears.

While he was under, we went and (I know, we're nuts about the pup) cleaned the house, setting out his little blankets and pillows here and there on the floor. A few hours later, we went and collected the still groggy and grumpy dude...


No dignity! Poor little squishy ears...

So far he's being resting up like a champ. Although if I were him, I'd be a little more reluctant to fall asleep, lest something else be missing when I woke up! Another few days of recouping and I think we'll be all good to enjoy those sunny days outside...


(Maybe he's learning...sleeping with one eye open these days!)


  1. Poor little man. We had Elliott neutered not long ago, and when it was time to take him back in to the vet to have his stitches removed, you could almost see him thinking 'Uh, I think I'm going to avoid any naps this time. Weird things happen when you fall asleep here'.

    The girls were running around giggling "haha, Elliott got tutored!".

  2. Missing word of Po. How is the little man doing?

  3. Po is being his usual crazy self these days...will have some pictures and updates up very soon! (Eek, where did the time go?) :)