Saturday, February 5, 2011

new red coat

red coat po

As you can see, Po is very impressed with his winter gear...


  1. Po i really think you should be on the cover of GQ... or perhaps French GQ.
    you are the epitome of debonair.

  2. that's the Martha Stewart coat! our Petsmart and Petco are all out of mediums and Ruby can ONLY wear red, for obvious reasons.… how's the fit? and are those Pawz booties? how does Po take to them? aside from the look on his face, i mean? He is totally adorable, btw :)

  3. hexanowl: Po says thank you! He's asking for head shots next. :)

    Isisingonthecake: Yes, it's Martha! I love that coat, not only for the bone pattern topstitching, but also because the velcro straps can accommodate a squat little guy with a bit more girth (around the neck, especially!) Oh, and those Pawz, they are a bit of a pain to put on - good thing Po's unusually patient and has bendy back legs :) - but they do a super job of keeping the salt out! The first few times wearing them, you'd swear he'd forgotten how to walk though...a pretty funny sight!

  4. i'm going to have to order it online i think… p.s. speaking of headshots, did you know that a French Bulldog is the new face of Nars?