Friday, September 11, 2009

gone fishin'

We spent the last long weekend of the summer at a friend's cottage. The weather was amazing, the company even better; add a goofy puppy to the mix and I think we may have had the perfect little getaway...

While we took in the view,

seeing all the little lovely things around us,

Po was busy snorting and snuffling around like a primo truffle pig in training.

Jackpot! Bacon on the griddle...must beg and look really cute!

He was a natural at the whole "lounging" thing...

We had our so-bad-they're-good trashy magazines to flip through - Po was more than happy to gnaw away...

First boat ride! (He fell asleep, good boy.)

We met this handsome fella patiently fishing for guppies. He did manage to catch two or three.

Back at the ranch, Mr. Grumpy Pants wants to know when dinner time is...

...I smell barbeque in the air!

A rare sighting of the Wild French Cottage Bulldog.


  1. The great outdoors! How wonderful to be offering Po new experiences every day and seeing his reaction to that huge place beyond the rim of his lunch bowl. The cottage looks great, wonderful to be anywhere near water; how did he like the new element?
    Is he a wet-bob? And rocks, moss, insects, all those new smells and sounds. The trait which still surprises me about Frenchies is their tolerance of just about anything provided they have company, preferably their owners/ guardians.
    Kit squeaks with joy whenever she gets within two blocks of her sitter because they're retired, there's always someone home and they love her. When I worked on a short film for a friend I worked for free but it was understood that my dog came along; what a revelation- she had attention, people to charm all day long. She didn't snooze like she does at home, even her scratchiness seemed to abate. On the rare occasions that we have to punish her we do it by ignoring her- no smacks or shouts and she's always instantly remorseful. Doesn't mean she learns from it . . . ! Po must have loved being part of your expanded family for the weekend- bet he slept well.

  2. He looks so handsome... Peanut Butter left this weekend, and the ungrateful little monster didn't even spare me a backwards glance.

  3. Hi Peter,
    Po definitely slept like a log those few days! We're kind of in the concrete jungle at home, so we felt pretty happy that all of us could enjoy the great outdoors together. (Plus one of our friends gave him his first taste of bacon...I'm pretty sure that would make any pup's day!) So nice that Kit could come to work with you - I'm slowly learning that with frenchies, there doesn't seem to be such thing as too much love and attention!

    Hi Carol,
    Oh PB...I'd like to think that he was just putting on his tough guy act (must. not..cry...)
    :) Hi to the rest of your sweet pups. Luke and Leah are such fluffy little darlings!

  4. I LOVE your blog. Po is so amazing. I like the profile picture of him "lounging".Please keep the posts coming.
    BTW: how in the world do you get your pictures so big on Blogger? Mine end up looking so tiny on my layout: .