Saturday, April 17, 2010

cats and dogs

Our cozy little house has become a bit of a zoo this past week! While my mom is off traveling (lucky lady) for the next few weeks, we're taking care of her kitty Jelly.

Actually, that's the short story. A longer version would mention that Ms. Jelly Bean was actually first our cat, that we adopted from the Toronto Humane Society. And wow, what a scrappy life she must've led before she came to us! She wasn't, and still isn't, the friendliest cat...not by a long shot, but once she gets to know you, she may tolerate a quick chin scratch now and again. Other than that, she's pretty content to snooze in a sun patch and hide in warm laundry piles. Typical cat, no?

Anywhoo, for some crazy reason, my mom was just smitten with her, and somehow managed to catnap the evil fuzzy one about a year ago. And it was the perfect new home for her, who knew? Jelly just adores my mom. She even snuggles in her lap, while purring, of all things.

(And just in case you were wondering about the name. I started calling her Nigella - I adore Ms. Lawson to bits - because she's got the prettiest face...and a rather voluptuous everything else! And Jelly just seemed to fit after that.)


Yes, I'll admit, she's pretty cute when she's sleeping. But you should know...


...this is more like it! Scrappy evil kitty.

And so here we are, looking after Ms. Jelly for the next little bit, crazy claws and all. Poor Po seems so confused! He really wants to play, and although admittedly he does come off a bit - eager - shall we say, he seems genuinely bummed wondering why his new furry roommate won't just relax and party with him, already!


Hmm. This could get interesting....will keep you posted.

If anyone out there has any suggestions for us about helping these two make nice - Do I rub cat nip on him? Put beer in their water bowls? Just (kinda) kidding! - they would be more than welcome!

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