Friday, April 30, 2010

double trouble, and other adventures

Today my lovely and amazing friend M called me up to ask if the Po and I might like to join her and her handsome Hiro for a romp in the park. Wheee....hells yeah!

car ride, yeah!
Car rides are awesome, right mister?

It was Po and Hiro's first time meeting...and I swear I could almost hear one say to the other, "Buddy, this is the beginning of a bee-yooou-tee-ful friendship!" Five minutes into the ride, they were doing the dog version of two rompy kids punching each other in the arm and giving each other noogies...

handsome hiro
Handsome Hiro!

And Hiro, it should be said, is whippet quick, darting dusty circles around our eager yet lumbery Po along the trail. The two of them were hilarious and instant double trouble, like bruisers trying to pick up every hapless and unsuspecting golden retriever at the bar.

double trouble
Po aka "The Situation" and Hiro aka "Pauly D"

double trouble

Po "The Situation": Ay, yo...wanna cruise the ravine and check out those hot shi-poos in the pit?

Hiro "Pauly D": Dude bro, I smell some good treats there, let's hit it up, yo!

on the trail

But seriously, a fun time was had by all. Lots of romping and playing, sniffing and running. Finally Po's got a buddy to keep up with! Thanks for the awesome play date, M.

Here's to the next time...Fist Pump!

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