Thursday, April 29, 2010

puddle dog

We like to call Po "the Bear" (or Po Bear, or the Po-ness Bear - very creative!), although sometimes I feel that something a tad more descriptive would do his funny little ways more justice.

Like Crazy Jumpy Monkey Pants, or Stinky Silent Fart Boy (aka "Tiny Cropduster"), or Bully Face Panty Head...oh, the possibilities are endless.

Today, may I present...Sleepy Puddle Dog!

grumpy sleepy po
The few moments just before the yawns and snoring (oh, the snoring!) start...

sleepy po
Flatter and flatter.

puddle po
Oh, the rolls!

sleepy bear

squishy face

Happy squishy face Po.


  1. Lately i have had a tough time because of some personal troubles and just looking at Po and reading your blog is the best smiles of my day. i can imagine the happy snoring. and by the way i love "Crazy Jumpy Monkey Pants" LOL thanks for the joy and allowing me to see Mr crazy jumpy monkey pants !!

  2. Aw, thanks so much...I'm so glad that Mr. Monkey Pants makes you smile! He certainly brightens up our days around here too. :)